अयता इन्क

Into the Future

More than 5 years ago, we envisioned ourselves as a digital game changer. And today we're proving it.

We are the leap into the future.


Ayata was created in order to provide a new paradigm for digital knowledge sharing.


In our continuous strategy process, we analyze customer needs, identify product problems and advise on important future decisions.


Our design process is about making complex solutions simple. We combine thoughtful user experience with clear visual strength.


We bring products to life using the latest technologies while focusing on a perfect visual realization and clean and maintainable code.


Digital Information in Nepal Reimagined

Nepal has enjoyed incredible success in digital adoption compared to its neighbors, with mobile penetration exceeding 100% and Internet penetration reaching 63%.
This opens the door for new technologies to be adopted and improvised in a rapid rate. This was the opportunity Ayata saw and is acting upon on wich includes three main areas of Health, Education and Finance Technology.

Despite rapid urbanization in recent years, Nepal remains one of the least urbanized countries in the world. The World Bank estimates that only one-fifth of the Nepali population lives in urban areas, while more than 80% of the population resides in rural areas. Ayata focuses on this mass of population and wants to encourage and facilitate digial adoption to this rural mass.

So, we have begun.


Solutions we crafted for our clients

We have been adamant to make normal lives better with our technology. Designs by the Ayata team regularly get recognition from the professional community via design platforms.


Avyaas is an online exam preparation application with the aim to create a free knowledge sharing platform. Avyaas has interactive features such as 3D learning which enables students to visualize concepts and figures.


Medicord is an online health portal that helps the user to digitize health data. It is a replacement for the physical paper-based health reports. It is currently a work-in progress for blockchain protected health platform.


Our clients and partners

Some of our Direct and 3rd Party Clients around the globe that love our work process and have been our long term partner


World Health Organization


World Wide Fund


Global IME Bank


Nepal Investment Bank


Siddhartha Bank


Dhulikhel Hospital


University of Tokyo


Kyorin University


Kathmandu Medical College


ASHA Japan