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Into the Future

More than 3 years ago, we envisioned ourselves as a digital game changer. And today we're proving it.

We are the leap into the future.


Ayata was created in order to provide a new paradigm for digital knowledge sharing.

We started out with a digital knowledge sharing platform called 'Avyaas' and now we're deep down swimming with technologies such as Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Development.

Yet, this just the beginning.


Digital Information in Nepal Reimagined

Nepal has enjoyed incredible success in digital adoption compared to its neighbors, with mobile penetration exceeding 100% and Internet penetration reaching 63%.

This opens the door for new technologies to be adopted and improvised in a rapid rate. This was the opportunity Ayata saw and is acting upon on wich includes two main areas.

- Health
- Education


Avyaas is an online exam preparation application with the aim to create a free knowledge sharing platform for students in rural Nepal. Avyaas has interactive features such as 3D learning which enables students to visualize concepts and figures.


Aura is a health app for women. Aura is an app that helps women track their periods, pregnancy and even child growth. The application helps to predict future period cycles and ovulation period for the mothers. The app also provides users with information and health tips that they can use during their periods, pregnancy or child growth.


Medicord is an online health portal that helps the user to digitize health data. It is a replacement for the physical paper-based health reports. It is currently a work-in progress for blockchain protected health platform.


Immense possibilities

Despite rapid urbanization in recent years, Nepal remains one of the least urbanized countries in the world. The World Bank estimates that only one-fifth of the Nepali population lives in urban areas, while more than 80% of the population resides in rural areas.

Ayata focuses on this mass of population and wants to encourage digial adoption to the rural mass.

So, we have begun.


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